Facility rental

Clearwater College is blessed each year to be able to host a variety of Christian ministries that run summer  camps, family reunions, church camps, etc. We seek to host ministries with similar values and as such have certain guidelines that apply to all groups renting the facilities. The Clearwater College campus is not like a normal rental camp that is mostly disinterested in the content and conduct of the renting group. 

Clearwater College seeks to provide a quiet, peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to a positive Christian  experience. We require that camps adhere to the moral rules given to us in the Bible, as well as some community rules that are in place not for moral reasons, but for a practical purpose to enable community living both for the campers and the full time residents of campus. Please read through this entire document in order to understand the various policies and expectations that we have for rental groups. For more information download our guides below.