college Life

  • Student Housing

    Being a dorm student at Clearwater College is a completely unique experience It's an incredible opportunity to live in community with others who are pursuing the same relationship with Jesus. Being able to process each step of your faith with others right beside you sharing their own experiences and walking together through it doesn't happen outside of a dorm setting. You laugh together and you cry together, and you develop incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Living in a dorm setting is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you don't want to miss out on. (Charis Reich, alumnus)

  • Meals

    Clearwater College boasts about its buffet meals which are provided daily in the cafeteria. The cost of the meals is included in the room and board fees for students in the dormitories. Married students and campus families are invited to join the students for meals and meal tickets can be purchased from the office.  A few times a year, staff, students and campus families are invited to join together as a family to celebrate in the eating of a meal.  These are usually Thanksgiving, Christmas and often Easter.

  • Activities

    There are various facilities available on campus for recreation. These include the gymnasium, weight room, indoor climbing wall, and sports field. Organized sports are available in local intra-murals on Clearwater College teams organized by students.

  • Campus Culture

    The aim of Clearwater College is to provide an environment which is conducive to development in both academics and Christian living. In order to maintain such an environment, there are guiding principles which emphasize Christian character. Additional information is available in the Student Handbook (available upon request).

  • Lifestyle Commitment

    All students are given ministry opportunities while at college. These opportunities take place in a supervised actual ministry environment which fosters personal growth and development of ministry skills. These ministry experiences are an essential element in preparing students for Christian service.

    Throughout the college year, each student is given both required and optional opportunities for ministry. These include local church ministry, local outreach ministries, short term missions, and traveling ministry teams. These teams consist of several students with a college staff member or mature student as the leader. The teams travel throughout Canada and the northern U.S. ministering in churches, schools, prisons, inner city outreaches, and other venues. 

    Twice a year, students join with volunteers and staff to produce events known as "Campus Experience" and “Clearwater Encounter”. These events bring hundreds of young people to campus, and allows students to partake in a variety of youth ministry areas: from event planning, to drama, worship leading to stage managing, prayer to pots and pans - the students are able to do it all in these amazing youth events.