Campus Culture

At Clearwater College, we love to see students grow in their relationship with Christ. While we value personal freedom, we recognize that we live out our faith together in family and must exercise responsibility to ensure the well-being and protection of our entire community.

Therefore, we esteem qualities that foster a healthy campus environment. Additional information is available in the Student Handbook under RESOURCES 


There are various facilities available on campus for recreation. These include the gymnasium, weight room, indoor climbing wall, and sports field. Organized sports are available in local intra-murals with Clearwater College teams organized by students.


Clearwater College boasts about its buffet meals which are provided daily in the cafeteria. The cost of the meals is included in the room and board fees for students in the dormitories. Married students and campus families are welcome to join the students for meals using meal tickets purchased from the office. A few times a year, staff, students and campus families are invited to join together, typically around Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Resident life is one of the most significant factors in the social and spiritual growth of our students. It is our desire to provide a quality atmosphere in which they can develop. We are committed to providing quality residential life experiences for all students. With the exception of local residents and student families, students are expected to live in the college dormitories. Each room is equipped with beds, desks, chairs, and closets.

Lifestyle Commitment

The leadership of Clearwater College desires to train students to walk in Christian love, holiness and deference so that they may live their lives void of offence toward God and man. Students will be instructed on Christian lifestyle and campus conduct for the purpose of developing a Christian lifestyle in the student and for the well-being of the College community. The Lifestyle Commitment may be viewed under RESOURCES.